Our Story

In 2018 we finally had the opportunity to combine our two biggest passions, our love to fashion and our will to save and change the world. Our story began in London where we got in touch with the real world of fashion and got inspired to make an impact and change/help the world in every aspect like the environment, ethics, health and animals.

We started designing fashion that we love and that everybody wearing our products feels guiltless and proud. Our inspiration lies in the young, hardworking innovators and creators ready to make an impact in the world. Thanks to everyone who loves fashion we are now able to support hundreds of charities and make this world a better place.

About Us

Meyloux was founded in 2018 by the two Meyfarth siblings. One had the bigger focus on the business side of the brand to make sure that the whole world gets to know Meyloux, while the other fully dedicated its time to design amazing products for their customers. Both had the same dream to safe and change the world with the love to fashion.

This wish was first established in 2016 while backpacking all around the globe and seeing not only the beautiful places but also very disturbing and sad things, like child labour, turtles wrapped in plastic in the oceans or thirsty families who had to walk a whole day to get water from dirty ponds.

Meyloux is not only a family business because of the Meyfarth siblings but also for everybody who loves fashion and wants to be part of the Meyloux family.

Our Mission

Safe the world with fashion. We want to inspire, help and raise awareness to see the whole world and be open minded.

Join us on our mission and make this world a better place.

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